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Braided Red Kangaroo Leather Dog Collar

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Made from 100% genuine Kangaroo leather, these collars are both durable and stylish for your dog. The leather is braided around a polyester tube to prevent stretching over long term use.  The collars end with holes is stitched for durability and the solid lead ring is incorporated behind internal tubing and braided in place to add extra strength and durability to the collar.

Sizing is important to ensure you get the right collar to fit your dog. To find the matching collar length, measure the neck circumference so it is comfortable for your dog. Our range provides 7 collar options with the following maximum and minimum adjustments:

- 30cm (27.5cm-32.5cm with 5 holes)

- 35cm (32.5cm-37.5cm with 5 holes)

- 40cm (37.5cm-42.5cm with 5 holes)

- 45cm (42.5cm-47.5cm with 5 holes)

- 50cm (47.5cm-53.5cm with 6 holes)

- 55cm (52.5cm-58.5cm with 6 holes)

- 60cm (57.5cm-63.5cm with 6 holes)