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Drover Kangaroo Plaited Mens Buckle Belt (35mm Wide)

Drover Kangaroo Plaited Mens Buckle Belt (35mm Wide)

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A fan favourite, the DROVER is a 12 strand traditionally plaited kangaroo belt that  is great for those that wear jeans regularly. We consider the Drover to be the perfect buckle belt, that looks just as good out riding a tractor as it does down at the local watering hole.


Handcrafted in Australia from Genuine Kangaroo Leather. 


This is a 12 strand plaited belt with a solid brass buckle, available in black, tan and choc.


This belt has a width of 35mm (1 3/8"), and we recommend sizing the belt by wearing your favourite pair of pants and measuring through the belt loops around your waist. This measurement corresponds to your belt size, so if you measure 36" around your waist you should order a 36" belt. 

Please check out our short sizing video below to ensure you receive the perfect fitting belt!


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